January 3, 2010

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COSMO SKYMED italian satellite

The Italian Army is not one of the most equipped armies in the world, but due to the Italian Space Agency (Asi), is at the level of excellence in the field of military satellites..
Italy, thanks to good relations with the United States of America, and the work done by the Prof. Broglio, already in 1964, put into orbit its satellite, third nation after the Soviet Union and the United States.
This primacy thanks to the efforts of universities, research centres, and Italian companies has produced years something of really excellent, but of which most of us Italian citizens know nothing….continue to read full article


November 22, 2009

I loved that Blog.

Italian Culture has been one of my first Blogs in english language and I know to delete a blog is always a wrong.

With that post I’d like to retourn to write in Italian Culture about the really popular culture in italiy in that particular moment.

Many things append just to my desappear, but now, now I’ll change itLavoro perugia


July 8, 2008

WE TRASFERRED THAT BLOG HERE We hope You came to visit us

Politics on Italian Songs

June 26, 2008

To write about politics on italian Songs is as to write about Modern history of italy justfrom unification of the nation “Italy”.  In the mind of all the world there are still the images of the film “SiSSI“, where the Imperator, together her ‘Sissi” received by Scala di Milano, in 1855, with a ‘coro‘ o protest versus the Austria’s Empire politics in Milan, and its big tragedy about the ‘5 days of Milan‘, where austrian’s army shots to the manifestants and made 100 mureders. It was 1848, but after many years milan’s citizens won’t believes; the ‘protest’ was been stoic. the Italian’s noblity made go to the teathre his servants with insctuructions to be more absoudes possibles. At the end of ‘opera’, that coudl be remember the patriotism of italian they been ‘bombarded’ by fleurs greens, whites and reds, as the color of ‘new italian flag’. Te song was ‘marcia trionfale del’Aida’, from opera ‘aida’, of Giuseppe Verdi, that was been on of ‘fondatours fathers of italy, a big patriot, as you can read here. .  The history of ‘italian political song‘, is a consequence of many years of invasions from all european’s peoples…


May 25, 2008

hi to all the world. I’m very happy to annunce to all the world that finished to write about the “Storic italian song-writers” De Gregori, Dalla, De Andrè and Venditti were been the most important italian song-writers of ’70′s, ’80′s and ’90′s. Only after ’90′s. pthers artist becamoes famouse as song-writers in Italy, because these 4 are too famouse to leave free place for new artists…. De Gregori, in these ast days pubblished a new album: Read the rest of this entry »


April 12, 2008

PAGANINI, Niccolò borns in Genoa, in 1782, his studies violin and guitar mandolin. He has only 12 years old when starts to plays concerts writes form himself, to pay his musicians studies, his family wasn’t rich. He has 18 when he is knows in all North Italy, but His fame as a violinist was only matched by his reputation as a gambler and womanizer. It’s only in 1821 Niccolò Paganini plays in Vienna, and, after, becames famous in all Europe.
To read more about Paganini‘s career, life and see 10 of best music videos click here
In the image in the image below, the famous violin ‘Cannone’, preferred by Paganini, now in Genoa, Italy
Violino Cannone

‘God is died’: when a song changed The Italian religious society

April 11, 2008

NOMADI (Nomads) is a rock group founded in ’63 from a singer, Augusto Daolio, the keyboarder, Beppe Carletti and battery, Manfredini. It is still in tour… it’s one of most loved italian group. In ’60′s were an icon-group of freedom and of ‘culture revolution’, as the others in all ‘west world’. Theirs songs calls about long airs, freedom, California, dreams and love, in ’69 a particular song ‘Dio è morto’ ‘God died’ changes their career. Here the complete review of that song and Nomadi Group‘s career( 10 videos)

The secret history of South Italy ( and its problems)

March 29, 2008

In the last days we reads on the news some bad notices about the trash in Neaples , about corruption on politics, you know that in Calabria ( another faida‘s war..) .. some days ago, while I’m writing about the italian traditional folk music and dance tarantella and pizzica I found a very good e-book for free in italian and english languages, that talks about The Unification of Italy from (only) 1,000 volunteersStates of Italy, 1859Garibaldini‘s soldiers“, under the Gen. Garibaldi (1861) . The official history talks about a ‘poor south’, but that isn’t right: south was more rich than Nord ( Piemonte Kingdom, where lived King of Savoy or/and King of Sardinia) . You can read with your eyes. It isn’t another “internet’s legend”, but there are evidences ( documents that you can control also in the italian version, I made it of course); documents comes from many places: from France, U.K., and economic documents that demonstrates that thing: The King of Savoy (Now Piemonte) that becames after the United of Italy, the “King of Italy“, makes a true invasion’s war versus South Italy and after as all wars, all gold of South’s banks goes to Nord, the same things for all factories . The economy of South was a “protect economy” , with 20% of tax goes to duty, and to live in Kingdom of two Sicily ( that was the name of South italy), was less spent than to live in other part of italy : to eat and to dress was less spent than others italian’s States. The navy of Kingdom of 2 sicily was 2nd only of British’s navy: there were many navy’s factories. When the 1,000 Garibaldini’s volunteers arrived in sicily 20,000 ” sicily’s army waiting for them, but officiers was corrupt by Savoy’s kingdom ( by Cavour, a very important italian politic man), and didn’t combat: to win was the easier thing to do. Only after the unification the most part of ex 2 Sicily’s Kingdom Army becomes bandits ‘briganti’ .. and there were massacres and in times 15 million peoples ( becomes poor) from 1860 to 1910 goes to America …(we can said the 20% – 30 % population of South Italy) . While all these thing happens, old Sicily’s Barons that under King of 2 Sicily, Borbone Federico the 2nd, loses their power, helps Savoy King, with help of baddest person of Sicily: the mafia borned. For the first thing they re-takes all water stream and river and who want it mast to pay it ; in a region where farming was the biggest work, who control the water controlled all ùsicily’s power. ‘Mafiosi‘ was the persons who controlled the water under Sicily’s Baron ( that law was before the Borbone King comes in Sicily and was an old law that comes from Middle Ages, Barons were was at the same social class of Sicily’s King. The history, after 100 years will repete. After disembark, in 1943, U.S. army makes a pact with Sicilian’s mafia ( allowed to the italo-american mafia), also that time the invasion of isle is easy and whitout too victims…( in american and italian army)


March 4, 2008

SANREMO 2008 finished, now, We can speaks about it, but , if you want you can see the best songs and download its: here


January 18, 2008

SAN REMO Music Festival this year stars 23 february, for 5 soireès you can go to the theatre for 625 euros, the Fests is a competitions between songs. the best one will be reward with.. nothing! But, of course if You thing that 10, 15 and final night will be 20 million of Italians to see that manifestaation you can understand that if who’ll win, after that sell many many discos. last 10-15 years th dico more sell is ‘compilation’ of the al songs plays in the Festival. ll best singers start to sing in Sanremo fest. Celentano, Mina, Battisti, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti , Vasco Rossi. and the others. That years as the others will wait tht manifettion, with his singers, the show men , show women an the gossip… Sanremo si near genoa, in the border with France and Montecarlo and is on of most important social, populr national manifestation.